Jamie Colston

Facilitator, Catalyst, Coach, Parent

"Jamie has vision, strong organising capabilities, and the energy to make things happen. He is a tireless advocate of young people and the innovative contribution they can bring when given the opportunity. He is an innovator and a role model, always deepening his own professional practice as a change agent and facilitator, and on a personal level embodying values of openness creativity, and courage."

Tim ‘Mac’ Macartney, Founder, Embercombe

Group facilitation

Do you have an issue with a team in your organisation? Is the community group you are a part of struggling to get anything done? Do you long for less meetings and more effectiveness?

Often there are things that need to be seen or said in a safe environment where people feel heard in order for real change to take place. I offer group facilitation that creates space for listening and connection in order to enhance relationships as well as opportunities to look at how to get the most out of limited time to deliver goals.

I worked with Jamie to plan and deliver a workshop where he ran an Open Space session. His ideas, commitment, knowledge and enthusiasm all contributed to making the event run smoothly. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again
— Alison Belshaw, Community Farm Bristol


Design and Hosting of events

Over a 15 year period I have designed, delivered and hosted numerous events. Today I am passionate about creating and hosting events where inclusion, respect, self organisation, passion and responsibility are at the heart of the matter. Whether you are convening an annual strategy gathering, a youth summit, creating a great local project or hosting an intergenerational event, I bring myself or a team of experienced Art of Hosting practitioners to help you create a powerful experience which leads to meaningful action taking place.

“I just want to say a HUGE thank you to you for organising such a spectacular event. That was simply the best conference/summit/event I have ever had the honour of speaking at. You made something remarkable happen; your team were great facilitators, your choice of speakers brought fantastic energy to the day and the children seemed to be completely galvanised by the chance to become empowered to find their own voices.
I salute you and you team for a truly great job done!”
— Polly Higgins, Author, Lawyer, Activist, Eradicating Ecocide



Meetings are necessary to building community, sharing ideas and decision making. However we often spend too much time on detail and not enough on inspiration, community building and connecting with who we are and what we bring to a group. I offer a way of designing and hosting meetings which takes care of the balance required to feel good about what you are creating, growing or delivering together.  As part of this facilitation offer I can demonstrate how using technology and personal motivation can improve the flow of creating successful meetings and outcomes.


Jamie’s real gift is his ability to facilitate with strength and a tender compassion. This exquisite mix enables people, in my experience, to feel safe, respected and cared for in a way that can lead to understanding, insight and healing.
— Ben Parkes, Yoga Teacher

Stakeholder Engagement

You are trying to pull together many voices from across a community, business or geographical area and you are unsure about how you can listen to and engage with conflicting view points. Maybe you hold the question how can we do this so that people walk away feeling like the time they spent here was worth it?

Using a mixture of Art of Hosting and a Systemic view point, I can help you create a space, craft an invitation and train up facilitators who can host multiple conversations concurrently so that everyone’s voice can be heard. I can bring circle facilitation and specific feedback exercises which create the circumstances where the parts become a whole.  I cultivate spaces which invite respect and gratitude alongside strong emotions. All of this ensures that you have an event which is memorable and moving.

Jamie is a creative and resourceful facilitator, always sensitive to participants’ needs and energies. He has a knack for connecting with people - particularly but not only - young people! He has huge skill in working with diverse stakeholder groups, enabling different perspectives and ideas to be shared, heard and respected.
— Jane James, Educational Catalyst

Youth Leadership & Youth Empowerment

For more than ten years I have been developing ways of working with young people between the ages of 13 and 18 which encourage powerful, self motivated leadership, both in their own lives and in the community.

I have worked in and out of schools to support young people so they can encourage and empower others - young people and adults alike - to work on things they are passionate about.

When I use tools like Open Space Technology, Graphic Facilitation and my own brand of facilitation, young people respond, often in dramatic and powerful ways. These remarkable achievements include social and environmental action projects, an annual youth conference on climate change, the production of school newspapers, podcast channels, and much, much more.

What helps achieve these extraordinary results is taking an approach which involves the adult support systems around young people. This empowers the adults to be confident about encouraging creativity and managing change.

And so, whatever your interest in empowering young people so they can make a real difference, I would be delighted to discuss your project and find a way to work with you. Together we will create inspiring experiences and programmes of which everyone is proud to be a part.

Give me a call now, whether you’re a young person looking for support, a parent, support worker, teacher, governor, head teacher, advocate, or a representative of an organisation looking to empower young people!

“What I like about Green Vision is that no one is telling you what to do, forcing you to think about issues in a particular way, there is just a whole group of inspiring people helping you and empowering you to take whatever affirmative action means something to you!”
— Rachael Hayman, Green Vision, Director and Participant