Jamie Colston

Facilitator, Catalyst, Coach, Parent

"Jamie has vision, strong organising capabilities, and the energy to make things happen. He is a tireless advocate of young people and the innovative contribution they can bring when given the opportunity. He is an innovator and a role model, always deepening his own professional practice as a change agent and facilitator, and on a personal level embodying values of openness creativity, and courage."

Tim ‘Mac’ Macartney, Founder, Embercombe

Personal & Leadership Coaching

Personal Coaching

Are you struggling to focus on what’s important?

Are challenges coming thick and fast? Emotions overwhelming you?

Unable to make good decisions?

Feeling stuck or trapped and can’t see the way through?

Unable to deal with changes in work, home, family or relationships?

Looking for a vision, but need help to reach it?

There is an answer.

I work with human beings who want to explore their present issues. And those who want to figure out how to move forwards so they can realise their future self.

I bring a holistic approach to help us explore together personal issues, family history, organisational issues and the systemic causes of current difficulties.

Together, we will use techniques to find a way forward, drawing on Appreciative Inquiry, The Art of Hosting, Embodied Facilitation, Men’s Rites of Passage, Non-Violent Communication, Parenting Theory and Systemic Constellations. I blend these techniques together into a seamless whole, drawing on my many years work as a facilitator, catalyst, mentor and parent.

I also bring my personal experience of working through addiction, mental health issues, parenting marriage, separation, new love, home building and positive long term relationships. Read more about my own journey in the story section of this website.

leadership coaching

Are you exploring how you can create modern, inclusive and diverse leadership structures? Looking for ways of being which empower everyone in the system to deliver their best work?

Are you running an event or series of events which aim to widen participation, or seek to bring out the voice of those who have previously not been heard?

Are you are creating an intergenerational gathering? One where you want to ensure that everyone participates as equals, and learning reaches every age range?

Are you looking to develop a flexible workplace and organisation? A place where the changing needs of individuals and the work community as a whole are respected? Do you need an independent, safe space to explore the issues and opportunities associated with change?

Or are you struggling to show up as your whole self in the workplace and speak with authenticity?

I can help you resolve these difficulties.

I work with people who are ready to do the personal work involved in stepping into their strong inner leadership. The work which will allow them to show their greatest side to the world.

I guide human beings so they can balance power and presence with awareness. I provide tools and methodologies which enable people to facilitate these changes in their world. And when we work together, we can create the best possible environment for change – an environment which will translate into happy and healthy individuals, families, communities and organisations.